4 Months 10 Days

In March I had the privilege of working on a film in Brooklyn, directed by Betyel Kahsai and written by Theresa Nelson. The film, 4 Months 10 Days, told the story of Isa (Arif Silverman) and Eliza (me), a 20 something engaged couple who lived in Brooklyn. Through the film they struggle with religious differences, but decide to push through them in order to build their lives together. This film was created in response to a comment made by President Obama about Muslims being portrayed in media as terrorists. Kahsai and Nelson wrote the script around Isa, an Islamic man who teaches middle school science, and is not at all comparable to a terrorist. Isa faces difficulty in his relationship with Eliza due to some religious differences as well as much larger problems at school due to parents complaining that their students' teacher is a Muslim. 4 Months 10 Days is will screen at Emerson Los Angeles Film Festival on October 22nd, and may screen elsewhere in 2016 and 2017. http://www.emerson.edu/ela/emerson-los-angeles-film-festival

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