Dave Esposito: I Want To Do Things I've Never Done Before

David Esposito is a 26 year-old, Pennsylvania-based actor, director, and musician. Dave, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me about acting. Let’s start with the obvious: Why did you decide to be an actor? Because it's fun. I always enjoyed making videos with friends since I was young, but I started to get more serious about it recently. Did you study acting or film in college?

I went to Temple University, but for business. I did take an acting class though and it was fun. Cool! I think it’s super helpful in this industry to have some knowledge of business. Especially if you get into producing your own work, it helps to have a grasp of budgets, marketing, etc. Even though you didn’t study acting in college, is there anything you wish college had prepared you more for as an actor? Helping with the auditioning process. Yeah, that’s definitely a tricky part to navigate. I always like to consider that I am auditioning the other person in the room too, like when you go on a first date and you are feeling out if you are right for each other. It makes me feel like we are more equal footing. Since you didn’t go to college for acting, do you think college is a necessary step for performers or film-makers? It's not necessary but it may benefit some people. Agreed. I definitely like that college was a safe place to try new things and fail at them without horrible consequences. However, it often costs a ton of money and you can learn similar things through non-university acting classes or just from doing and failing. I’m always fascinated by how other actors schedule their lives. What does a typical day look like for you? I have a full time job at a software company, but lately, due to the release of a short film I've been working on called Fatal Premonition, I've been doing a lot of promoting and networking. Generally I am always trying to work on some sort of creative project whether it's writing, editing, acting, marketing or making music. That’s great! The trick is to always keep doing something new. Helen Hayes once said, “If you rest, you rust.” I’ve always believed that to be true. Do you have any advice you would share with people considering acting as a hobby or career? If you care about becoming an actor more than anything else in your life than go for it, go all in. But when you have other things you care just as much about, you have to carefully balance it. Always try to enjoy acting because it's fun. It can be stressful and frustrating, but always be happy you are doing something you love whether it's your full time job or not. My goal is to act and make films and push myself to improve and try different things. If it never becomes my full time job, that's ok because I'll just be happy being able to do it. I like what you said about balance. I think a lot of actors feel they have failed if they aren’t making a full time income just from acting. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make my full time income from acting, but I love that you have found a way to enjoy it and not beat yourself up for liking your full-time job. You mentioned earlier that you work on a lot of other creative projects. Is there a specific art form you are particularly passionate about?

Making music. I've focused on making music for a long time and it was my main passion. I write, record, perform and mix my own songs. I play drums, guitar and bass. Film is my main focus at this moment but my passions sometimes tend to shift so who knows. I just enjoy being creative. I would love to hear some of your music, that sounds awesome! Do you tend to create alone or are there people you enjoy working with?

Yeah I act and make films with my best friend Ryan Crepack. We co-wrote and co-directed the short film titled, Fatal Premonition, that I mentioned earlier. I also acted in a short film he made called The Intruder. I also have worked with Stephen Lo Biondo on those films. You can check out Dave’s film Fatal Premonition below.

It sounds like you guys must work well together. Do you have any specific plans or goals for this year?

Get involved with a lot of film projects, network and meet film people and land roles that are different from what I've done before. Yeah, that’s the trick, right? Playing characters that expand your range. It can be hard when directors see you a certain way to convince them you are capable of more. I'm still kind of new to it but typecasting is annoying. I want to do things I've never done before but it's easier to get roles that are similar to ones you've done before.

Amen to that. It’s good that you’ve been able to write some of your own work though. Can you talk a bit about some actors you really enjoy?

Jim Caviezel for his role in my favorite film, The Count of Monte Cristo. He was also great in Frequency. Jim Carrey for his roles in Eternal Sunshine, The Truman Show and Liar, Liar. I like Jimmy Stewart in Rope, Rear Window, and It's a Wonderful Life. I especially like these three actors because A. They were in some of my favorite films of all time B. I like actors who play frustrated and seemingly hopeless characters. I just connect with those types of roles and films for some reason. And, C. because they are all named Jim. Haha, I was going to bring that up. I’m also a huge fan of The Count Of Monte Cristo. It’s my favorite book of all time, and I even got to see the Chateau d’If in real life when I visited France. It’s a wonderful film.

I also like Henry Fonda for his role in 12 Angry Men. Heath Ledger as the Joker. Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington in everything. Steve Carrell in The Office, Michael Keaton in Birdman, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad. A pretty random list. It’s a good list. I’m sure we could come up with something they all have in common, haha. I believe that part of an actor’s job is to watch TV and film. It sounds like you’ve definitely been doing that part of your job. I’ve just recently started watching more TV and it’s blowing my mind how many incredible shows are out there. One last question, how do you get cast? Do you have an agent? No. I use Backstage, IMDbPro and Film.org. I'm liking film.org for finding films in Philly because it's free and actually has more listing than the others. IMDb is awesome as way to keep a collection of your credits, but it's not great for finding jobs. Cool, that’s great info. Well, thanks again Dave for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope we are able to collaborate in the future and wish you the best with your current projects! For more information about Dave, see his IMDb page here.

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