Rebekah Price: The Possibilities Are Endless

Rebekah Price is a self-described 22 year-old teenager who is currently based in LA. When asked what types of performance she is experienced in, Rebekah replied, “Don't ask me to dance, its not pretty. Mostly film and stage now. In the past, a lot of musical theater. Recently commercial.” Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about acting and life. I know you moved out to LA a little over a year ago. I’m so unfamiliar with that market, could you just talk a little bit about what your schedule normally looks like?

Depends on the season. November and December were dead for me- I actually went home for a month. But then, during Pilot season, things can be crazy. Recently I had to do a taped audition on a Sunday, an audition for a play Monday, and then Monday evening got an email that I needed to go in for a pilot on Tuesday and I suddenly had 8 pages to memorize, not to mention callbacks for the play were also Tuesday. But then, things were quiet for like a week so my day typically consists of working at a spin studio in West Hollywood to pay my bills, working on a project (whether it be painting, music, whatever), going on a run, and sitting in a lot of LA traffic. Yeah, I’m not jealous about that traffic! Do you ever get a chance to get out of the city? Weekends I like to go on a hike or drive out to the desert or do something outside. I have been trying to get out and see more things like galleries, live music, films, etc. I hate falling into ruts or routines though so its hard to say what a "typical" day is I guess. Gotta keep it interesting. Yeah, I feel the same. I would definitely rather be busy than be bored. I hear from a lot of people that LA/Hollywood can be a really difficult place. What is your take on that? I wont go too deep into it because people hear it all the time but honestly, the pressure to be a skinny mini and ridiculously beautiful is a real thing. I have seen people get really—excuse my language—fucked up because of the ridiculous expectations in Hollywood.

Yeah, there is definitely a lot of pressure on all women to look a certain way. I would imagine it’s only further magnified there. I know you have other interests outside of acting that help keep you grounded; can you talk a bit about those collaborations?

Yes! Collaborating is by far my favorite part of what I do and a large reason of why I do what I do. My two good pals Ryan Gillam and Jake Himovitz and myself created an artist cooperative called Work and Play. We have worked together for years now on multiple projects and a variety of mediums from installations to an opera to performance art. I think it is an amazing thing to find people who are on the same page as you.

You can see Rebekah, Ryan, and Jake’s work (and play) at: Below, Rebekah models a sculptural piece by Ryan Gillam.

Excellent! I love the name. I think that’s what most artists are trying to do, juggle work and play. So based on the work you mentioned, it sounds like you are a woman of many interests other than acting. So many passions. Forefront would be music. Painting and performance art have been two big things in my life as of late. Also traveling. I get antsy when I am in one place for too long. I just got a good camera so maybe I'll take up photography too. Possibilities are endless, who knows?? You also look pretty good on camera yourself. I recently saw some modeling photos of you that I can't help but share.

I’m lucky enough to have heard you sing live, and I have also listened to your recorded music. I can vouch that you are an INCREDIBLE musician. I can’t wait to see where your many talents take you. Well, let’s go ahead and talk about acting. How did you get started?

It all really started with music. I always sang and played music since I was a wee little child and when I was 12 I moved from Ohio (where I did choir, show choir, randomly played percussion for a couple years) to Florida-where there was NO music program in my school. But, there was theater. So, I figured...hey theater is kinda the same...people sing in theater.... and its better than Home Ec, so lets give it a shot. Then I just never stopped. I was hooked. I went to high school and became the President of our theater troupe, participated in a lot of competitive nerdy theater conferences and felt like I had found my people and my home. I have to admit I’ve been to a lot of those nerdy theatre conferences too, haha. I think the transition from doing theatre in high school and pursuing it as a career can be pretty scary. Can you share what it was like for you to study theatre in college?

My experience was definitely all over the place. I have never been one for organized academia, but I really appreciated how much the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) opened me up to all kinds of mediums and pushed me way out of my comfort zones. I also met life-changing people there. Eternally grateful for that. I really realized by the end of my freshman year that I wanted to focus on film acting. I also auditioned for many stage productions and didn't get into ANY of them until my last year of college, which I am very grateful for in retrospect. It was probably the best preparation for the "real world.” Being told no so many times. Yeah it’s weird in college theatre, because it’s all these kids who starred in their high school productions, and suddenly you are a little fish in a big pond. A lot of students struggle to get cast in college. How did you react to that? In the meantime, I formed a rock n' roll band with my best friend and fell absolutely head over heels in love with the city of Savannah. It’s such a weird little town. It was the best part of going to SCAD. (Well, and studying abroad in Lacoste, France for a summer). It’s when I realized that I was never going to be able to choose between music and acting. And I am grateful that my professors at SCAD were incredibly encouraging of both passions. Below, see a picture of Rebekah and Ryan in Fare The Gap, the band they formed in college.

You also did the Senior Showcase at SCAD, can you talk about how that went for you?

We came to LA and performed for agents, managers, casting directors, etc. I met my amazing manager when I was in the graduating class showcase my senior year at SCAD. She, then, helped me get my theatrical agent and my commercial agent out here. Thank God for her. She, and her associate, are really just two of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I am eternally grateful for the amazing team I have. Not one complaint in that department.

It sounds like overall you had a good experience. There are so many different college programs out there to choose from, and it can be really overwhelming when you are thinking about majoring in theatre/acting. What kinds of things do you think college acting programs should be doing to prepare students for the real world?

Its such a tough question. I think that there is an aspect of real life shit you have to deal with- like money, taxes, contracts, etc., that I felt like I was completely thrust into after I graduated. I had (and still kind of have) no idea what I was doing. College can be such a little fantasy bubble. Its neatly packaged and you always have clear goals and deadlines. I am really grateful for one of my professors (Professor Ballard for those who know) because in a couple of his classes, he just gave us what day we were going to perform and we had to be responsible for rehearsal and prep on our own. That is much more similar to life. No one in LA is going to make me turn in my notes or journal every Friday to make sure I'm getting my crap done. Very true. Based on the interviews I’ve done so far with actors, I need to get together a webinar for someone to teach us about taxes. Everyone seems a bit in the dark there! So based on your experiences, what would you say to someone in high school or college that wanted to become an actor?

1. Realize you're going to be broke for a long time. 2. Find a different job if you don't want to be broke for a long time 3. Start really appreciating the little things because sometimes that is all you have. 4. Do other things besides acting 5. Be opinionated but also receptive of other people's opinions or no one is going to want to be around you let alone work with you. 6.Work your ass off and believe you can do it. It sounds really cheesy or whatever but if you don't believe you're capable, how can you expect anyone else will? Amen, sister! You and I have talked in the past about inspiration, can you share about some films, plays, or books that have informed your process or just inspired you?

Yes of course. Um lets see. Game changer films for me: The Graduate, There Will Be Blood, and Pulp Fiction and to be honest, Lord of the Rings and (the original) Star Wars were big for me as a kid. Plays that I feel like have been defining for me: The Crucible, The Lottery, Of Mice and Men... A couple years ago saw Peter and the Starcatchers in New York and it gave me hope again for narrative theater in the 21st century. I also should note I am slightly obsessed with Peter Pan loved the Peter and the Starcatchers series as a kid and thought it was a brilliant adaptation. I saw that in NYC too! It was a wonderful production. What about other actors? I always say my favorite actor is Daniel Day Lewis because he really is one of the only actors who has consistently moved me. He's also insane and I think I have a tendency to be drawn to crazy people. I also love Harrison Ford but I think that’s more of a weird celebrity crush than anything. Haha, we all have our weird celebrity crushes. I was OBSESSED with Orlando Bloom as Legolas. I even learned some Elvish… Anyway, what about books you’ve drawn from? I’m always hunting for the next thing to read. To be real, all books inform my acting. You can only draw from what you know to create, yes? Yes. So, the more you know, the more you have to play from. For example, I am currently reading "How Music Works" by David Byrne and honestly it is SO applicable to acting or any other medium of expression. That sounds excellent! I agree that all art informs other fields of art. Do you have any artistic goals for the next year?

I really am trying to experience more of the art scene in LA. Its quite a beast though. This city is huge. I have the obvious goal of booking awesome roles, but I honestly want to achieve a lot of things. I am working with a wonderful friend of mine named Jeff Worden on a theater piece for the Hollywood Fringe festival in the summer. We are currently still in the developmental stage of it all but I know that besides acting, I will be designing the show as well. I want to start playing shows again (I've been on a bit of a music hiatus for about 6 months). Paint more. Read more. Be better. Get smarter. World peace, you know. Below, see a painting by Rebekah that is also featured on her website.

Haha, yes I know. The theatre piece you are working on sounds great! I would love more info about that closer to the summer and will post an update on here about it. It sounds like you have some great stuff in the works! Thanks for taking time out of your pilot season schedule to chat. Keep up the good work! For more information about Rebekah, check out her website here. Are you interested in being featured on my blog? If so, please contact me at I'm open to interviewing anyone in the film/theatre industry, not just actors!

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