Not Where I Want To Be-Update

Last weekend I traveled to Philly to begin shooting Not Where I Want To Be, directed by Paul Costa. I had a wonderful time meeting the crew, and spending time with my co-star Kyle Ramsden. Kyle has played a secret service agent in the last few seasons of Veep, and was absolutely wonderful as a scene partner. I love doing comedy because it's ok to have messy hair and more than one chin :) My character, Emma, is a very creative twentysomething stuck in a boring job at an accounting company. As you can tell from my messy hair in the pictures below, she isn't really cut out for this kind of job! Along with the excitement of working on set for the weekend, I was greeted by an issue of Backstage magazine that featured me in a short column for being cast in a project through their website. We still have one more weekend of shooting to go, so more pictures will be added later! Below are pictures of us working on set!




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