Adrian Belic Visit

This past week Academy award nominated documentary director Adrian Belic visited classrooms at Pine Tree High School and LeTourneau University. He spent the week speaking to students about the skills required to be successful in any field and find a job that you are passionate about. He discussed the importance of finishing what you start, believing in yourself, being curious, asking questions, staying humble, and surrounding yourself with others who believe in you. He spent Monday in classrooms at Pine Tree and attended a dinner with local film enthusiasts. Tuesday he was in classrooms again and attended another dinner with students. Wednesday he toured LeTourneau University and screened trailers of his films Beyond the Call, Happy, Ghengis Blues, and Project Daniel in the Belcher Center. I had a wonderful time hosting Adrian while he was in town, asking him questions about his films, and watching him inspire the next generation. It is always exciting to meet people who are passionate about what they do! Check out the link below to see local news coverage of the event.…/oscar-nominee-visits-students/


Belic with students from Pine Tree after one of his talks.


Belic with more students, sharing a laugh.


Belic and I after one of his talks in my classroom.

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