It's Not Over

Along with acting this year, I've also been directing a web-series with the students at Pine Tree High School. The project has been in development for the past three years under the supervision of Allen Morris, who is producing the series. Written by students, the story focuses on the repercussions of drunk driving, and how the consequences of our actions are never really over. The story focuses on the story of \ 6 high school students and a young family whose lives intersect permanently. We've been shooting the film since January and will wrap in May. We plan to edit this summer and show the final product in classrooms next fall. Below are pictures from the shoot of the wreck scene. Big thanks goes out to all the firemen, paramedics, life flight team, hearse driver, tow truck driver, police, and other community members who have volunteered their time for this project!


Above, one of the wrecked cars used in the shoot.


The whole team after rehearsal.


Allen Morris, in classic overalls, explains the overall shoot to life flight pilot and crew while fire fighters stand by.


I explain the plan for rehearsal to all the student actors and camera operators.



The life flight helicopter practices landing in a nearby field.


Fire fighters approach the wreck scene for rehersal.


Students rehearse scenes around the car.


Wrecked truck used in the shoot.



Student camera operators use nearby truck bed as an impromtu table for gear.

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