How To Write A Rap

I brought in music mixer and recording artist Andrew Plan to work with my students on how to write a rap. He instructed the students on the structure of a song and the process of collaborating with others to create a rap. The class chose a topic and split into groups to write their original raps based on a beat that Andrew played through his speakers. Students had about 20 minutes to create a rap that followed this structure: Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus This guest lesson was a success and got my students excited about writing poetry and lyrics. My students really enjoyed this process and Andrew recorded all their raps so that they could have them to keep! Here are some photos from the day. Students wrote raps that were deeply personal as well as raps that had the class rolling on the floor laughing. It was great to create a space like this in class for students to express themselves through writing, performing, and relating to each other. See pics below!

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