The single greatest struggle I'm having with my students this year is apathy. It's not that they are distracted in class because of other things they care about, it just feels like they don't care about anything. Their devices are brainwashing them into feeling nothing. It's not like they love or hate my class, but instead just feel "meh" about everything. Was I like this in high school? I remember being excited about learning and I have a few students who are, just not as many as I would hope. I'm willing to take some of the blame and work on creating lessons that are more relevant and engaging. My goal is not to talk at my students, but to generate discourse with them. I don't want to be the kind of teacher that is a sage on the stage, but work to be a guide on the side. Here are some photos of quotes that I added to my computer background so they will play on my desktop slideshow when I'm not using my computer. Maybe the students will see them and think about what they say!

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