Jack and Viola

The script for this film, directed by Allie Schultz, won an award at UCLA. It told the story of a deaf girl and blind boy who got locked out on a 2nd story porch during a party. The both had to face some fears and social awkwardness in their battle to communicate and find their way off of the porch.

Because the whole film took place outdoors at night, we shot from 9pm-5am. I said that this was the closest I would probably ever come to having a 9-5 job, hahaha :) Unfortunately, after the first night of schooting I had a gall stone and had to spend the next day in an urgent care getting shots and ultrasounds. We had to postpne shooting one day because of that, but I bounced back pretty fast!

As a deaf character, I had to learn a small amount of sign language, but not very much.

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