The Suitcase

This film told the story of a couple who moved into a new house only to find that it was haunted/possessed. The wife finds a suitcase in the closet that contains something mysterious, but when she runs to tell her husband, she falls down the stairs and dies.

anna walker actor

While shooting was rather uneventful, a lot went on in Savannah while we were on set. First, there was a SWAT team that surrounded the house next door. A man ran out and was tazed in the alley while we were filming the shot above. He was tackled by a number of officers and then put in a cop car.

anna walker actor

There was also a major fire at a rubber factory on the Savannah River, resulting in heavy black clouds of smoke all over town. We were far enough away that it didn't interrupt filming, but we could see the smoke from the house we were shooting in.

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