I Owe You

An original script by Laura Wells, this silent film told the story of a homeless girl who kept a list of her debts in order to repay them someday. She broke in to the house of a musician, and after finding his piano, she wrote a song in order to make up for crashing at his house.

I enjoyed getting to play a character that was a little dirtier and rougher than most I've been cast as.

I enjoyed playing a character who felt a lot of guilt about taking things from others without paying them back.

When I was cast, I was told that I would be playing a guitar, which I have minimal experience with. I mean, I own a guitar, but I only know a few chords. Since the film was silent, it wasn't an issue.

However, once we got on set, it was decided that a piano would look better in the shots than guitar, and I had more experience with piano. Someone compsed an original composition for the film to underscore the section where I was "writing the song." Once on set, the director asked me to actually write out music that kind of sounded like the original composition. I was out of my league! Luckily I had some music background, but don't look too closely at what I wrote. I'm sure there are a million mistakes :)

At the end of the film, the homeless girl gets back on her feet and is focused on repaying her debts. While sitting in a diner, she hears the song she wrote come on the radio and knows that her debt to the musician has been paid.

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