October 7, 2016

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Summer Voiceover Work

August 13, 2015

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Good Lord of the Rings

November 21, 2013

Professor Michael Cheney asked me to do a couple of films with his graduate film students, which of course happened to be shooting the same weekend.  I basically lived on both set for a few days. Good Lord of the Rings told the story of a woman whose boyfriend planned to propose to her by putting the engagement ring in a piece of cake and serving it to her at a party with all of their closest friends.  In a mix-up,  the ring was never discovered and her boyfriend blamed it on another guest.  After a few too many drinks and a lot of bathroom humor, the ring was found in an unexpected place!

While most people in the film drank actual wine, I was afraid I would get sleepy and no longer be able to focus, so I was given concentrated cranberry juice.  Thinking it was regular cranberry juice, I took a big gulp...It was more potent than alcohol!  I made sure to take tiny sips after that hahaha!


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