Rachel Walker is one of the single most incredible writers, directors, comedians, and artists that I have ever met. She is inspiring, hilarious, honest, and extremely energetic. In her film Vegenaise, which she wrote and directed, I play Sarah, a girl whose long time boyfriend breaks up with her. After the break-up, Sarah decides that she has to do something drastic to change her life. Against the advice of her best friend, she becomes vegan. She also tries to start dating a guy from Jamba Juice as part of her healthy new lifestyle. Things don't turn out the way she plans, and after mistaking a habanero for a cherry, she decides that being vegan may not be for her.

Wardrobe credit to Trace Pope, who bought me this sweatshirt which reads: "God put me on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die." Thanks, Trace!

I love doing comedies because it's ok to have more than one chin.

The evening date was really shot at 4am. I didn't mind though, because the guy who played my date from Jamba Juice is my boyfriend, Adler Roberts.

Here I am above taking a bite out of what I think is an orange cherry. Afterwards, madness ensures :)

Thank god for best friends who will still be there when you have gross milk moustaches and double chins.

We actually covered my upper lip with sour cream to make a milk moustache that would stay. It smelled AWFUL.

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