Slow Motion

Leah March, the director of this film approached me about making a short film that was influenced by Like Crazy. I'm a huge Felicity Jones fas, and was excited to do something inspired by one of her films. My favorite part of the project is that is was 100% improvised. There was literally no script. Lucas Beecham and I played a boy and girl who met and fell in love, but got stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere. It's really summed up in a line from the film. Having the freedom to improvise lines and blocking was terrifying and freeing as an actor.

After meeting in a library, the two find that they know some of the same people and are interested in some of the same topics.

I think I've work this off-white shirt in at least 7 films. I guess I really got my money's worth!

Lucas and I already had a good working relationship because we spent a summer in France working on a dance installation for a gallery. We did a lot of partner work together, and nothing builds trust like blindly jumping into someone's arms.

Because we were coming up with everything as we went along, the DP had to improvise along with us. There were definitely some awkward shots in the final version, but overall I found the process to be very rewarding. The film feels very natural and relaxed.

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