October 7, 2016

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Summer Voiceover Work

August 13, 2015

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Near Misses

March 2, 2013

Of all the films I've shot, this was the most professional, well run, and beautfully shot.  The director, Lily Blake-Shepherd did an incredible job creating a family out of the cast asnd crew.  In a soft, but strong way, she ensured that everyone was comfortable, on-task, and informed.  It was a gift to work with her and bring her script to life.  

The film tells the story of Joan and Shep, two people who are perfect for each other, but keep missing the opportunity to connect.  Told silently, the audience sees that both of them are preparing to enter a flying contest, for which they will both build their own flying machines.  

Joan works at a bookstore, and Shep comes in the buy a book.  This is the first time they share a connection.  

This was the first film I ever shot with zero makeup.  At first I felt naked, but after seeing the final project, it is incredible what a difference lighting can make!

In the end, Joan and Shep find themselves side by side in hospital beds, where they will have more than enough time to get acquainted :)


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