It's Not Over

In 2014 I partnered with producer Allen Morris to direct and produce a film called "It's Not Over" with a high school in Texas.  The film was written by high school students over the course of two years.  It replaced the school's previous drinking and driving re-enactment and focused on the repercussions of choices.  The title is drawn from the idea that the effects of our choices are never really over, but continue to play out in our lives and the lives of others.  See a short promo video about the project below. 

The film is entirely written, filmed, and edited by students.  Actors included high school students, teachers, and numerous community members who donated their time and resources.  The film is in the process of being divided into short chapters that could be watched in classes and discussed with teachers or advisors.  See Chapter Three Below. 

The film is still being edited by students at Pine Tree High School in Texas.  See additional photos below!

Top Left: Anna Walker Roberts stands in front of wrecked car

Top Right: Cast and Crew from the wreck scene take a group photo

Bottom Left: Students watch as a life flight helicopter rehearses their approach

Bottom Right: Student actor waits to be cut out of wrecked car with jaws of life

The Bachelors by Caroline V. McGraw

I decided to produce a play for my graduate thesis, and knew I wanted to work with Ian Mather as the director.  In the past we worked closely on a number of projects (Moxie Improv, Anon(ymous), Scooter Thomas..., Machinal, etc.) We discussed potential plays, and both agreed that The Bachelors would be an incredible piece to tackle.  


It's a new work by Caroline V. McGraw and has been workshopped at a few universities and festivals.  It tells the story of 3 bachelors who live together, and have lived together for sometime.  They have changed since college and their house can no longer contain all three of them.  No one is who they seem to be, and their friendships are deeply tested when their true selves finally show.  The piece is a very darkly funny play about humanity, gender roles, and friendship.  We found that it resonated deeply with a college aged audience and received good reviews.  

Performed at Dollhouse Productions. Directed by Ian Mather and Sara Turner.  Actors: Timmy Gibson, James Edwards, and Deron Horton.  Stage Managed by Joan Figarella.  Poster design by William Santiago. 

Article here:

Loss For Love By Eboni Jade Wooten

Eboni Jade Wooten and I took a play workshopping class together in 2014.  Her play, which told the story of an aftican american couple during World War II and their struggles with love, gender biases, and independence.  Faye (Kammeran Giggins) and Jack (DJames) are engaged when Jack ships off to war.  The real surprise is that Faye joins the WAAC behind his back, where she is befriended by a Native American woman, Phyllis (Candice Byrd). 


Workshopping this play with Eboni and our actors was an absolute pleasure.  We all learned a lot during the process and received a great response from audiences.  Performances were held at City Coffee.  Produced by Kathryn Walat. 

I fell in love with Peter Parnell's work when I was in high school and knew I wanted to direct one of his plays as soon as I came across the right actors.  After meeting Ian Mather and Chris Mayers,  I knew I had found the right actors for Scooter Thomas Makes It To the Top of the World.  


The play tells the story of two childhood friends who grow apart.  Dennis (Chris Mayers) goes to college and becomes an architect while Scooter (Ian Mather) kind of founders and works at the post office while dreaming of moving to California.  


The play begins when Dennis receives a call that Scooter has died.  The play takes place in his memory.  Mather and Mayers take turns playing the various characters from their childhood.  


George Labusohr and I co-directed the piece, which was performed at City Coffee in Savannah, GA. Poster design was done by William Santiago.  Photography by Steve Moraco.  Produced by K.C. Van Elslander.

Scooter Thomas Makes It To The Top Of The World by Peter Parnell

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