CTE Digital Video at
Science Leadership Academy
About Science Leadership Academy

Science Leadership Academy is a project-based, magnet school in Phildelphia, PA that exists as a partnership between the Franklin Institute and the School District of Philadelphia.  Led by Principal Chris Lehmann, SLA is writing the book on progressive styles of learning and student leadership in modern education.  See more about SLA here!

About CTE Digital Video 

The CTE Digital Video program at SLA is part of Pennsylvania's Career and Technical Education program.  CTE programs across the state prepare students for industry work in 3-year programs.  At SLA, students commit to spending 1,080 hours learning how to make meaningful and professional films and videos.  See their work below!

CTE Digital Video Staff

Anna Walker-Roberts

CTE Digital Video Teacher

Abigail Shagin

CTE Site Coord. & Internship Coord.